Pop Group Member Hints She Hasn’t Been Paid in Six Years: Is Fromis_9 Being Wronged?

K-pop girl group Fromis_9  has found themselves at the center of a concerning controversy after member Park Ji-won made a shocking revelation during a recent Weverse Live broadcast. When asked about her wishes for 2024, she candidly stated, "For me, to receive my first pay by the end of this year," leaving fans stunned and questioning if the successful South Korean group has gone unpaid by their agency, Pledis Entertainment, for over six years.

"Does it make sense that a group in the 7th year has not yet received salaries?" one outraged fan questioned online. Another wrote, "If Fromis_9 has not yet received their salaries, how about other groups from small companies?" The members' stunned silence after Park's comment only fanned the flames, with a fan remarking, "They've been holding so many events since their debut, how can they haven't gotten paid yet?"

This isn't the first time allegations of mistreatment have surfaced. Earlier, member Lee Chae-young voiced her frustrations, stating, "Why are we... We want to do activities. Why can't we have a long promotion? This only happens to us, only Fromis_9. I'm so upset," raising "suspicions of the company's negligence."

Despite the growing outcry, with fans even staging protests, Pledis Entertainment has remained silent. When reached for comment, the agency refused, saying "they had nothing to say about that." Regarding Lee's contentious remarks, they said, "We are preparing for fromis_9's comeback without any problems. This year, the group plans to carry out various activities, including releasing new music and holding special photo exhibitions," adding "We will provide all the necessary support for them."

As one industry insider told Naver, their lack of transparency has only fueled speculation: "If the allegations are true, it could point to issues with the group's contracts, financial mismanagement by the company, or a lack of sufficient activities to generate profit." With Fromis_9 consistently achieving fairly impressive album sales, charting success, and performing at major festivals, comparisons have been drawn to fellow K-pop act Dreamcatcher, whose members have spoken about "purchasing expensive friendship rings," suggesting a more stable financial position.

"No salary? That's too much, I feel bad for them," another fan lamented online, echoing the sentiments of many calling for answers. Until Pledis Entertainment addresses the situation transparently, the shadow over the K-pop industry's business practices will only continue to grow darker.