Premiere: Peg Luke Embarks On A Voyage To Spiritual Resurgence With “Love Lifted Me”

Picture of Peg Luke

Multi-time Carnegie Hall soloist and acclaimed flutist and pianist, Peg Luke, shares "Love Lifted Me," a captivating new single produced by Dean Miller. With this new single, the Grammy and Emmy-nominated musician delves into the profound theme of salvation and redemption, granting listeners a glimpse into her devotion to God and her faith. As a groundbreaker in the realm of Christian Meditative Classical music, the artist’s latest composition offers a transformative experience, imbuing souls with a sense of tranquility and serenity.

In 1912, James Rowe penned the church hymn, accompanied by Howard E. Smith's melodious composition. Peg Luke, known for her extraordinary vocal and flute prowess, adds her unique touch to the arrangement. Inspired by the biblical accounts of Jesus and his disciples battling the sea, as recorded in the book of Matthew, the lyrics poetically liken the perils of sinking in water to the struggle with sin. This profound parallel underscores the transformative power of God, who rescues individuals from despair and guides them towards salvation.

As Peg performs her rendition, an enchanting tranquility washes over the soul. Her vocals possess an extraordinary ability to transcend boundaries, carrying listeners to a realm of spiritual purity. With every note, the song creates a deep connection to the lyrics: “I was sinking deep in sin/ Far from the peaceful shore/ Very deeply stained within/ Sinking to rise no more/ But the Master of the sea/ Heard my despairing cry/ From the water lifted me/ Now Safe am I/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me.”

Many artists have contributed their distinct interpretations of "Love Lifted Me." Among them is the celebrated American singer, songwriter, and actor Kenny Rogers, who was bestowed the prestigious honor of induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013. Peg Luke's latest track showcases this timeless composition as a soul-stirring Christian worship anthem, magnifying the transformative potency of love and salvation through Jesus. 

"Love Lifted Me" joins an impressive collection of recent releases, including "The Lord's Prayer," "God Will Be My Peace," "The Greatest Gift," and "I Am Home, Lord." For Luke, crafting music that elevates the spirit, ignites inspiration, and reverberates with God's boundless love is not merely a passion but a divine calling. Her dedication to this purpose permeates both her music and her optimistic perspective on life. 

Listen to “Love Lifted Me” here: