‘Put Her Behind Bars’: Reality TV Star Grilled After Dangerous Driving Offenses

One celebrity should be locked away, according to an anti-drunk-driving group. Katie Price, the model and reality TV star, was recently slapped with a £880 fine after driving without a license in August 2023. The offense in question comes after Price's troubling history behind the wheel. She has had 11 driving offenses over 15 years, which resulted in her being banned from driving five times. In 2021, the U.K. star was banned from driving for two years after driving drunk.

With Price's new driving without a license offense, John Scruby of Campaign Against Drink Driving spoke to The Daily Mail to advocate for Price to be off the roads and in jail. CADD was "set up to highlight the dangers of drunken and irresponsible drivers," per its website, and it clearly sees the former Celebrity Big Brother personality as one of those irresponsible drivers.

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"It's absolutely ridiculous. It's time that people realise that she is not going to listen and will keep doing this again and again," Scruby told the publication. "She will carry on breaking the law and the only way to stop her is to put her behind bars."

On reality TV, the mother of five is known for appearing on shows like I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, Katie & Peter and Katie Price: My Crazy Life, and the aforementioned Celebrity Big Brother. As a model, the 45-year-old previously found fame under the name Jordan. She also now has a following on OnlyFans and has a pop music career.

This August 2023 incident stemmed from Price driving to a gas station in Kettering, Northamptonshire, per The Daily Mail. Officers happened to be at the station and recognized her. Based on their knowledge of Price's well-publicized legal history, they thought she was not allowed to drive. Upon further investigation, they realized their hunches were correct and brought charges against her. 

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While Price had denied the charges, there was proof she broke the law. Security camera footage ffrom the gas station showed her getting out of the driver's seat after she arrived. The fine was £880 but Price was actually told to pay £1,852 total. That sum includes the fine, £620 in court costs and a £352 victim surcharge, which goes towards the U.K.'s General Fund for crime victims and witnesses. Price chose not to show up to the trial.