‘Quantum Leap’ Cast Reacts to Cancellation News

After Quantum Leap's surprise cancellation, the cast is speaking out about it. It was recently announced that NBC has canceled the sci-fi action drama, a reboot of the 1980s series starring Scott Bakula. The reboot only premiered in 2022, with the Season 2 finale airing just over a month ago. Much of the cast has taken to Instagram to react to the heartbreaking news, and fans are already going to miss them.

Raymond Lee, who portrays Dr. Ben Song, shared a statement on Instagram, thanking the fans and recalling his time on the series. "Just wanted to say a thank you to our QL fans and those who've tuned in," Lee wrote. "Your support was felt and always warmly received. You all have made it the ride of a lifetime. We're so proud of the show we made and more proud of the stories we got to tell. And selfishly for me I got to make some really awesome friends along the way. If and when another group gets a hold of the accelerator and its capabilities, may they find us floating in time, still striving to put right what once went wrong."

As Quantum Leap's chief architect Ian Wright, Mason Alexander Park reposted their co-star's statement on Instagram Stories, adding, "I couldn't have asked for a better leading man. Thank you to everyone who loved quantum leap and allowed me to be best friends with @raymomomo for two years." 

Nanrisa Lee, known as Quantum Leap's head of security Jenn Chou, also shared a short but sweet statement on Instagram about her time on the NBC drama and shared a Polaroid from set of her and her castmates. "This feels like it was taken so long ago," Lee said. "I can't even count the number of belly laughs, shed tears, or bear hugs that we've shared since then. But I'm grateful for each and every one of them. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for letting me a part of your life."

Sharing a photo as Addison Augustine, Caitlin Bassett also took to Instagram to react to the cancellation news and say goodbye to the loyal fans. "So sorry to say… farewell leapers," Bassett began. "Thank you so much for every moment of this amazing journey. And thank you @nbc and @universaltv for the ride of a lifetime. As the wonderful QL super-fan Matt Dale said – 'be excellent to each other'."

It's definitely disappointing that Quantum Leap was canceled, especially since it's clear the show and the fans mean a lot to the cast. Hopefully the story will be able to continue on in some way, whether a continuation of this reboot or another reboot later down the line.