Queen of Jeans’ Miri Devora announces debut solo EP, shares “Imagining It”

Philly indie band Queen of Jeans recently released their short-but-sweet Hiding In Place EP, and now singer Miri Devora is gearing up to put out her debut solo EP, I Thought It was Love, on January 11 via Crockpot Pop Records. Like the last Queen of Jeans EP, it was produced by Gladie's Matt Schimelfenig, and lead single "Imagining It" finds Miri departing from Queen of Jeans' folky indie rock and going in a more rickety bedroom pop direction. Miri's voice is even more soaring on this song than it is in Queen of Jeans, and it's very well-suited for this kind of thing too.

Miri says, "I think that feeling of yearning, the desire for something or someone, is such a natural, universal emotion we experience in one form or another every single day. I've spent a lot of my life scared to take chances out of fear of rejection or disappointment. Sometimes it's been easier to keep my dreams tucked away in my head where they're safe. Creating this project on my own was the first time as an artist I was relying solely on myself and my own abilities, and that's a terrifying thing to start. But this song encapsulates that journey for me, that realization that I'm never going to know how things might pan out unless I take that leap to meet my happiness." Check out the song and its Jack Nitz-created video below.

Queen of Jeans are also gearing up to support Oceanator on tour, including a Brooklyn show at The Broadway on November 19.