Reba McEntire to Reunite With ‘Reba’ Co-Star in New TV Show

Another Reba reunion is continuing. It was previously announced that Reba McEntire will be reuniting with the team from the beloved WB/CW sitcom for a new NBC comedy pilot. Deadline is now reporting that McEntire's Reba co-star Melissa Peterman is joining the fun. The Baby Daddy alum will portray a bartender named Gabby, who works at the tavern. Gabby is "a bit needy and dramatic and would have loved to be Bobbie's sister."

The still-untitled multi-cam pilot follows McEntire's Bobbie, who inherits her father's restaurant but is unhappy when she discovers her new business partner is the half-sister she never knew about. The new pilot sees the duo reteaming with Reba executive producers Kevin Abbott, Michael Hanel, and Mindy Schultheis. Julie Abbott is attached to the project as well.

Peterman is not the only one joining the pilot. Blue Beetle star Belissa Escobedo has also been cast, and it's in a role that Gabby would not like. Escobedo will play Bobbie's sister Isabella, "an enthusiastic 20-something, who studied psychology and loves to analyze people." She is excited to start working at the tavern and has lots of "great" ideas "about how to bring it to life."

This is the latest project that Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman have done together since Reba. They most recently worked on the country superstar's Lifetime movie Reba McEntire's The Hammer. The two are also on Young Sheldon, Peterman more frequently than McEntire, however. Reportedly, it was tough making Peterman's schedule for the NBC pilot to work due to Young Sheldon, where she has recurred as Brenda Sparks since the first season. McEntire recurred as June, a hairdresser, for Seasons 3-5. There have also been numerous Reba reunions in recent years, just not on screen.

Along with Young Sheldon, Melissa Peterman can also be recently seen in Hallmark's Haul out the Holly in 2022 and its 2023 sequel, Haul out the Holly: Lit Up. Other credits include Disney's Sydney to the Max, Last Man Standing, Pretty the Series, Baby Daddy, Here Comes the Boom, Working Class, Rita Rocks, Fargo, and more.

Hopefully NBC orders the new pilot to series, because it would surely be interesting to see McEntire and Peterman together again in a comedy series. Although McEntire was on Young Sheldon, the duo never appeared on screen together and it's likely with her The Voice schedule and the pilot, it may be hard to get her to make one last appearance before Young Sheldon ends. In the meantime, all six seasons of Reba are coming to Netflix in May and are currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Freevee.