REZZ & Grimes Confirm Collaboration in the Works [DETAILS]

It’s hard to imagine a collaboration more iconic than one between Rezz and Grimes. Luckily we don’t have to imagine for much longer — they’re cooking up their first song together and it can’t come a moment too soon!

Days ago REZZ tweeted out she’s focusing her energy on finishing their collab. Grimes, a star in both the alternative and electronic music spaces, chimed in on the collab years in the works — “finally.”

However, this isn’t the first time Rezz and Grimes have crossed musical paths. Rezz offered a remix of Grimes and  i_o’s “Violence” for Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition), the remixed treatment of her 2020 alternative album.

Rezz has been busy with a seemingly nonstop cycle of collaborations in recent months, including the long-awaited “Hypnocurrency” with deadmau5 and most recently, “Taste of You” with Dove Cameron, which brought her back together with Grabbitz, as well as Shaun Frank.

The two haven’t dropped any clues just yet as to what the collaboration may hold or when fans can expect it. In the meantime, we have all the confirmation we need below.

Photo via Nicole De Khors / Eli Russell Linnetz