Robyn Is Revived On Jamie xx’s ‘Life,’ An Exuberant Single From His Forthcoming Album ‘In Waves’

Robyn appeared on Charli XCX’s “360” remix. Apparently, that was just an adjacent appetizer for Jamie xx’s “Life” featuring Robyn, described in a press release as the Swedish pop icon’s “first major new release since 2018’s Honey.” The exuberant, disco-infused song is the latest single from Jamie xx’s forthcoming In Waves album, which will be released on September 20.

“I made this track pretty fast (for me), and I loved it from day one,” Jamie xx said in a statement. “When I first heard Robyn’s vocal, it was at 6 a.m. after finishing playing at Pacha in Ibiza; it was the perfect moment. Robyn and I have spent time working together and hanging out for some years now, it’s always a joy and always inspiring. I’m so glad and grateful that she is a part of In Waves. Thank you, Robyn, for bringing this track to life!”

Robyn added, “I just want to see how ‘Life’ gets people dancing this summer. I can’t wait for that. Jamie is such a brilliant creator, I’m excited to be part of his album.”

In the song, Robyn describes someone “giving me life” in various forms (“Sh*tty, pretty, wild”) and wants to “make it last.” This dynamic, mysterious person is giving off “first kiss,” “walk of shame,” and “strong torso” all at once, so, naturally, Robyn is entranced. “No, I’ll never get enough,” she sings in the pulsating chorus. “It’s just a matter of fact / I will never get this back / Let’s make it last all night.”

Listen to “Life” above, and find more information about Jamie xx’s In Waves below.

Jamie xx’s In Waves Album Cover Artwork

Jamie xx

Jamie xx’s In Waves Tracklist

1. “Wanna”
2. “Treat Each Other Right
3. “Waited All Night” Feat. Romy & Oliver Sim
4. “Baddy On The Floor” Feat. Honey Dijon
5. “Dafodil” Feat. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier & Panda Bear
6. “Still Summer”
7. “Life” Feat. Robyn
8. “The Feeling I Get From You”
9. “Breather”
10. “All You Children” Feat. The Avalanches
11. “Every Single Weekend (Interlude)”
12. “Falling Together” Feat. Oona Doherty

Deluxe LP Bonus 12″ Package

1. “F U” Feat. Erykah Badu
2. “It’s So Good”
3. “Do Something”

In Waves is out 9/20 via Young. Find more information here.