Sarchasm releasing final LP ‘Conditional Love’ (watch the “Good News” video)

Bay Area indie-punk trio Sarchasm are calling it quits after one last album, Conditional Love, due December 2 via Asian Man Records (pre-order). Ahead of the release, we're premiering the super catchy new single "Good News" and its video.

"I wrote ‘Good News’ amidst various particularly rough points in the pandemic, like when California started having record wildfires so on top of not being able to be around other people indoors, we now couldn’t go outdoors cause the air quality was so bad, and when two of my loved ones got sick with non-covid ailments and were met with an overwhelmed & overworked medical industrial complex," drummer/songwriter Stevie Campos-Seligman said. "All I could do was sleep and scroll through my phone, looking through an endless cycle of bad news online. I started to realize how much our mainstream news outlets profit from all this bad news, thrive off of all of our panicked doom scrolling. If we don’t fight for the good news we want to see, we’re never gonna see it, cause good news rarely gets as many clicks and engagement as bad news. It’s up to all of us to organize and build community look out for each other, cause these profit-hungry media outlets are never gonna do it for us!"

Sarchasm will play their album release/farewell shows on December 30 & 31 at 924 Gilman's eighth annual This Year Sucked Fest. Check out the new song and video below.

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Conditional Love