SAVAK prep remix LP ft Mogwai, Nate Kinsella, more (stream a track), touring

SAVAK are releasing Error / Delight, a remix LP version of this year's Human Error / Human Delight, that will be out December 12 via Ernest Jenning Recording Co. They got some pretty cool artists to work on it, including Mogwai, Immersion (aka Wire's Colin Newman and Malka Spigel), Birthmark (Nate Kinsella), Plus/Minus, Michael Hampton (Faith, Embrace), John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac), The Department of Human Genetics (Eli Janney of GvsB & Greg Oreck of Thugfucker), Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh, Dan Friel, Devin Ocampo Patois Counselors, Josh Sinton, and more.

The band have shared the Immersion remix of "Cold Ocean," which takes the song into cool, icy synth territory. You can listen to that, and check out the full tracklist, below.

SAVAK are also touring in October, including Pacific Northwest dates with Seattle's grungy punks Wild Powers (and Portland is also with supergroup Slang), and they'll also open for June of 44 at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on 10/21. All dates are listed below.

savak error delight

Error / Delight:
1. No Blues No Jazz (Crooks on Tape remix)
2. Empathy (Birthmark remix)
3. My Book on Siblings (Patois Counselors remix)
4. Cold Ocean (Immersion remix) 02:38
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5. Set Apart (Mogwai remix)
6. Oddsmaker (Michael Hampton remix)
7. Trashing the Ghost (Plus/Minus remix)
8. Recanted (The Department of Human Genetics remix)
9. Baltimore Moon (Light Beams remix)
10. Adolescence Obsolete (Graham Walsh remix)
11. Dealers (Devin Ocampo remix)
12. Dumbinance (Josh Sinton remix)
13. No Blues No Jazz (Dan Friel remix)

Thu. Oct. 6 - Bellingham, WA - The Shakedown w/Wild Powwers & Cat Valley
Fri. Oct. 7 - Seattle, WA - The Sunset Tavern w/Wild Powwers & Strugglers
Sat. Oct. 8 - Olympia, WA - Cryptatropa w/Wild Powwers & Illusion Dweller
Sun. Oct. 9 - Portland, OR - Lollipop Shoppe w/Slang & Wild Powwers
Fri. Oct. 21 - New York, NY - LPR w/June of 44