Secret Machines announce new LP: listen to “There’s No Starting Over”

Secret Machines have announced new album The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines which will be out February 17. This is their second album since getting back together and is a bit of a "lost" record, as it stems from recordings originally made in 2010 and then reworked following 2020’s return, Awake in the Brain Chamber. “This album is really special to us because it represents a band playing music with no other agenda than to connect with one other,” says Josh Garza. “My main hope is that people will hear it and say, ‘These guys went somewhere weird, man.’ I feel like Secret Machines finally delivered the crazy album everybody knew we had in us.”

The first single from the album is the album's opening track, "There's No Starting Over." "This record is the result of an unconventional approach, our writing and recording techniques were all about recording the moments as they occurred, with minimal edits and no self censorship," says Brandon Curtis. "Our plan was to catch ideas as purely as they could be captured. The stream of consciousness approach resulted in material that we later knitted together into song form. This song represents a slice of that process." Listen below.

Secret Machines wrap up their tour with Metric this week with two NYC shows at Brooklyn Steel on October 26 & 27.

In other news, Secret Machines recently reissued their 2008 self-titled album that was remastered by Slowdive's Simon Scott and includes a revamped version of lead track "The Fire is Waiting." You can stream that below.

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The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines:
01. There's No Starting Over
02. I Think It's Light Outside
03. You Want It Worse
04. Even Out The Overflow
05. Last One Out
06. The Answer
07. Crucifixion Time
08. Run Out The Silver Light
09. The Finalizer