Sharptooth release first new EP with new vocalist Marissa Ward, ‘Imperfect Animal’

Baltimore metallic hardcore band Sharptooth recently parted ways with longtime vocalist Lauren Kashan and revealed that Lauren's replacement would be Backswing vocalist Marissa Ward. They also said they won't be performing any of the material written with Lauren in the future. In her own statement, Lauren said, "I left Sharptooth over a year ago, because on a multitude of levels, it became an environment that was damaging, and violated my values and the very ethos of what I believed Sharptooth to stand for in the first place. It was no longer a safe place for me to be or express myself authentically, so I terminated my relationship with the band." You can read the full statements from both Lauren and Sharptooth below.

Today, Sharptooth released their first EP with Marissa, a six-song EP called Imperfect Animal. They produced it themselves, self-released it, and for now it's a Bandcamp exclusive. "Because we've completely independently produced this ourselves, we chose to have it on a platform that better supports artists in our position for a short time," the band says. It's a little rawer sounding than their previous material, but still feels big and powerful and hard-hitting, and you can check it out below.

Sharptooth also announced a release show for January 6 at Baltimore's Metro Gallery with Gradual Slip, Granite Slate, Deep Rest and My Favorite Deputy.