Simon Gallup is apparently back in The CureClassic Goth's 13 Greatest Albums

You may remember back in August, longtime Cure bassist Simon Gallup said he had left the band, writing on his Facebook, "With a slightly heavy heart I am no longer a member of the Cure ! Good luck to them all," adding in a reply that he'd “just got fed up of betrayal.”

The Cure never made a statement, though, and now Stereogum points out that now Gallup is back in the band, if he never really left. Gallup is involved in another group, Alice Blue Gown, and a few days ago they posted a photo of Gallup in the studio. Someone commented “Is Simon still a member of The Cure?” and Gallup responded from his personal account, “Yes I am.” Here's a screenshot:

The longest standing member in The Cure other than Robert Smith, Gallup first joined the band in 1979. He left the group in 1982 during the Pornography tour, but rejoined in 1984 and has been in the band ever since, minus some time between August and now. Glad to hear they patched things up. Now release that new Cure album!


Classic Goth's 13 Greatest Albums