Singer Dies During Concert After Falling on Stage

A concert turned tragic on April 12, with a vocalist dying on stage mid-concert. The upsetting incident was brought to international attention via reports from The Mirror in the U.K. and Hong Kong-based outlet Dimsum Daily. 

The outlets report that a female singer tripped on her dress and fatally struck her head on the stage while performing in Chongqing, China. Authorities have not released the woman's name to the public.

The woman, age 31, was said not to be feeling well ahead of the performance, which consisted of two songs before the tragic fall. After she fell, onlookers immediately attempted to revive her, performing CPR as the panicked crowd looked on. First responders soon transported her to an undisclosed Chongqing hospital, but the vocalist was declared dead after she arrived.

The only other details on the performance are about the occasion itself. The woman was said to be performing at a "banquet," per Dimsum Daily, with The Mirror saying it was in honor of a guest's 90th birthday.

It's unclear if Chinese officials will release the singer's name to the public, as well as what info medical examiners find in the autopsy. Stay tuned to for updates as they surface.