Singer-Songwriter Accuses Delta Airlines of Destroying Her Prized Guitar: Madi Diaz Speaks Out

Singer-songwriter Madi Diaz recently suffered a tragic musical loss, and she's speaking out. The musician has accused Delta Airlines of destroying her prized guitar that she's used for many years. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Diaz shared photos of the severely damaged instrument, and alleged that Delta staff mishandled it.

"Starting tour [with Kacey Musgraves tomorrow] and opened my guitar case to practice and found this. The damage is beyond. How could this happen," she wrote alongside the photos. Diaz then urged her followers, "PLEASE REPOST. Delta needs to know they can't treat instruments like this."

Diaz added in a follow-up post, "Truly devastated by the damage done by Delta to my [20-year-old Martin] guitar. So many memories just gone. Absolutely beyond devastated. Please repost. Delta needs to be held responsible."

Reflecting on some fond memories with her beloved guitar, Diaz recalled, "From my dorm room in college to stages with Harry Styles, this guitar has been with me through ALL OF IT." She shared a video of the damage and continued, "Delta, I'm truly devastated by the treatment of my instrument. Insurmountable loss. Idk how to begin to replace something like this."

Diaz went on to explain that she's quite surprised at how her guitar ended up so damaged, as she'd taken precautionary measures to try and protect it. "I bought the most heavy duty case I could find," she shared. "My theory for 20 years was that our instruments are meant to travel to help tell our stories. Lesson learned? I'm not in the position to financially handle renting gear wherever I go-but I'm also not in the position to lose so much."

Finally, Diaz thanked her followers "for getting angry with me," adding, "I feel so supported thru such a truly shit moment. Thank you for reposting and I'm hoping that something will come of this D28 vs Delta baggage situation. Can't wait to play for Dublin opening [for] my [love, Kacey Musgraves]."