Sky Ferreira shares “Don’t Forget” from new album ‘Masochism’

Sky Ferreira has been promising new music for a while and she's finally now delivered new single "Don't Forget" which is her first new music in three years. It's the first taste of her new album, Masochism. Listen below.

"Don't Forget" was made with frequent collaborator Jorge Elbrecht and Tamaryn -- it's big, it's poppy and very catchy. "The song’s actually a weird song; the chorus is weird," Sky told Vulture in a new interview. "People who heard it were like, 'Why isn’t this chorus bigger?' In a way, it’s minimal. But the song isn’t minimal whatsoever. I realized that about my music, I’m just not a minimal person. When I think of pop music, I lean towards the ’80s and ’90s without meaning to. It’s not that I’m trying to sound like that. I listen to new stuff too, but when I’m writing and I’m making music, I listen to things differently. I just need to figure out, What do I actually want to say? and What do I want to make? and shut that out. When I’m listening to music, it’s like, Why do I even like this part? Do I like the tone of it? There are all these elements, and then I try to make it into one thing. The song doesn’t sound as complicated as what it is, but that’s the point. It shouldn’t sound complicated to your ear."

The new single comes just in time for Sky's performances this weekend at Primavera Sound.

As for the album, Sky told Vulture that Masochism, which will be her first since her 2013 debut, will be out this year. "It’s not like I’m not releasing music till 2023," she said. "The album is written. I think there’s some things that need to be finished, and I would like to write some [more] songs. I have so many songs written, but I do think it would be nice to write under the circumstance where it’s not in the middle of having my hands tied, like being bound and gagged." Read the whole interview here.