Slipknot’s Corey Taylor bought ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’ magazine, relaunching the brand

It should be no surprise that Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is a fan of horror and sci-fi, but he's such a fan he's bought the rights to classic magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland and will relaunch the brand. He made the announcement on Friday (10/14) at the Son of Monsterpalooza convention in Burbank, CA.

Launched in 1958 by James Warren and editor Forrest J Ackerman, Famous Monsters of Filmland ran through 1983. “It was the first real place where we, as horror nerds, could feel safe and feel connected, feel like we weren’t alone,” Taylor told Rolling Stone. “The internet has made it easy for us to connect, so I want to kind of make this another viable place for them to come.”

Taylor says the first step will be to digitize all the original issues of the magazine and make them available online for free. He also wants to create a Famous Monsters convention, that will have "special Famous Monsters setups, almost like a moving museum of sorts, trying to recreate the ‘Ackermansion’ in a weird way.” He also plans to bring the magazine back for annual or biannual issues.

There's more: Taylor tells Rolling Stone he wants to have a Famous Monsters cruise that would mix horror and music. He also wants there to be a studio where they will produce original movies, including his own. “I’ve been writing my own scripts now for the last five, six years. And I’m trying to get some of my stuff into production right now,” Taylor tells Rolling Stone. “There’s a handful that are very, very close. So anything that I put out is instantly going to get the Famous Monsters logo on it, just to build that brand recognition. I fucking hate that term ‘brand,’ but that’s what it is.”

Slipknot released The End, So Far in September and toured North America earlier this year. Check out photos from the NYC show: