‘So Help Me Todd’ Creator Speaks Out After CBS Cancellation

After So Help Me Todd's cancellation, creator Scott Prendergast is speaking out. With only just a few shows left to make decisions on, CBS pulled the ax on the sophomore legal dramedy starring Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin following its surprise breakout last year. Prendergast, who also serves as co-showrunner alongside Elizabeth J.B. Klaviter, took to Instagram to share a long and heartfelt message about the series and those who worked on the show both on-camera and behind.

"Thank you CBS for the phenomenal opportunity," Prendergast wrote. "CBS is truly a wonderful place to work. Everyone is so supportive, respectful and SMART. Every single executive I interacted with had only one goal in mind: how do we turn your idea into a great show on CBS? Working on this level, with this scope, with these actors, on these sets, with these writers, with this brilliant crew, this wardrobe, these editors, these composers, these creative executives who care so very much – has been the best professional experience of my life. What a privilege to stand on our huge stages and watch all these magicians at work."

"It is so extraordinary to get to dream up these ideas and characters and jokes and stories and then stand back as incredibly talented professionals bring them to life," he continued. "WHAT LUCK! WHAT JOY! WHAT GREAT SUCCESS! I took a story about me and my Mom and hundreds of people came together to build it into something else, something huge, something beautiful, something funny. Thank you to everyone involved, and to all our viewers. One million thank yous will never be enough. Thank you, thank you, thank Todd for you. And goodbye."

Since CBS renewed a chunk of its spring 2024 lineup, it was likely that at least one or two of the remaining shows would be canceled. What's even more upsetting about So Help Me Todd's cancellation is that Season 2 will be ending on a cliffhanger. Obviously, details surrounding the cliffhanger won't be known until it happens, but the finale will be centering on the firm being in jeopardy, but it's likely there will be something even bigger at play.

It's clear that So Help Me Todd means a lot to Scott Prendergast and will forever, and it's a shame that fans won't be seeing more of it. At the very least, there are still four episodes left of Season 2 and much to look forward to. Hopefully, that cliffhanger isn't as big as one would think. New episodes of So Help Me Todd air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, with the series finale airing on May 16.