Speed take on Asian hate crimes with new hardcore rager “Not That Nice”

Australian hardcore band Speed have announced a new EP, Gang Called Speed, due June 24 via Flatspot Records and Last Ride Records (pre-order). The first single is the pissed-off, tough-as-nails "Not That Nice," which points its anger at the recent rise in Asian hate crimes. Vocalist Jem says:

We wrote ‘Not That Nice’ in reaction to the Asian hate crimes born from the pandemic. The sad stories of innocent, good civilians falling victim to racial violence. I found myself thinking, ‘this is someone’s grandma, grandpa, mum, dad, child…’ Unfortunately, much of this stems from the often perverted portrayal of Asian stereotypes in the media. To be submissive, weak, passive, silent.. to the scared and uneducated few, the sad reality is that this rhetoric translates to oppression and real-world violence.

So, this song is simply about taking control of your own identity, writing your own narrative. I think the experience of misrepresentation is a common one for many. I feel privileged to live a life of confidence in speaking out and walking my own path… hopefully, this song in some way can empower others to feel a similar sense of courage.

Watch the equally tough video and check out the tracklist below. Speed will make their US debut at Sound and Fury.

1. Not That Nice
2. Another Toy
3. Move
4. Big Bite
5. Every Man For Themself
6. Know Your Foe

Speed -- 2022 Tour Dates
May 28 @ Lynott’s Lounge - Perth, Australia
June 12 @ The Factory Theatre - Sydney, Australia
July 30 & 31 @ Sound and Fury Festival - Los Angeles, CA