Steve Buscemi dressed up as his ‘Fellow Kids’ meme for Halloween, passed out candy in Park Slope

Steve Buscemi usually gets in the Halloween spirit and dresses up to pass out candy at his Park Slope home. This year for his costume he turned to his own meme, the "How do you do, fellow kids?" scene from 30 Rock, complete with a "Music ⚡️Band" t-shirt, red hoodie, backwards ballcap and a skateboard slung over his shoulder.

Making it even better, Elvis Costello was with Buscemi, passing out candy and taking pictures with kids and fans. Check out Instagram and Twitter pics below.

The scene has become such a meme you may forget, or not even know the context. Buscemi played private detective Lenny Wosniak in six episodes of the series, and in the episode "The Tuxedo Begins," he recalls his time as an actual policeman as part of "a special task force of very young-looking cops who infiltrated high school." You can watch that much-memed scene below.

Steve also directed two episodes of 30 Rock.