Stream a new Elliott Smith tribute LP ft. Comadre, Coma Regalia, Mt. Oriander, Karloff & more

Ontario label No Funeral Records have just released an Elliott Smith tribute album called It's Raining In My Heart - A Tribute To Elliott Smith, featuring the late legend's songs interpreted by a handful of cool emo, screamo, and other DIY bands. It includes the cover of "Angeles" by much-missed screamo greats Comadre (which has surfaced on the internet in the past), and Comadre guitarist Jack Shirley (who went on to produce records by Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock, and more) mastered the entire comp. It also includes screamo covers by beloved bands like Coma Regalia and Karloff, a Midwest emo-style cover of "Say Yes" by Mt. Oriander (aka Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) vocalist Keith Latinen's solo project), and covers by Botfly, Said Goner, The Great Sabatini, Cancelled, Sweetheart Grip, and more, ranging from shoegazy renditions to bare-bones acoustic recordings to bedroom synthpop and beyond. Proceeds from sales go to Art For Aid, "a benefit supplying art supplies to indigenous communities in Canada." Check the whole comp out below.

Elliott Smith tribute

1. Comadre - Angeles
2. Botfly - Cupids Trick
3. Said Goner - Fond Farewell
4. Coma Regalia - No Name #5
5. The Great Sabatini - Waltz #1
6. Cancelled - Last Call
7. Sweetheart Grip - Satellite
8. Opheliac - 2:45 AM
9. Stevedave - Somebody That I Used To Know
10. Dead Friend Collective - No Name #2
11. Conductor - Between The Bars
12. Mt. Oriander - Say Yes
13. Karloff - Roman Candle