Stream Alas’ new song from 4-way screamo split w/ To Be Gentle, Armywives & Mirin Bide25 Essential Screamo Albums of the '90s/'00s

Screamo bands Alas (Finland), To Be Gentle (Oregon), Armywives (New York), and Mirin Bide (Chile) are teaming up for a four-way split, due November 15 via Zegema Beach Records and Larry Records. It features two songs by each band, and we're premiering one of Alas' songs, "Kaikki On Sees." It starts out as harsh, screamo fury, but it turns into something much prettier as it goes on, incorporating bits of post-rock, shoegaze, and more. Listen below.

The split will be available on "smoke merge" vinyl (limited to 100, pictured above), "swirl" (limited to 100, pictured below), and "stupid fancy" (limited to 50, pic TBA).


25 Essential Screamo Albums of the '90s/'00s