Stream Chicago hardcore band Snuffed’s “If You Resent” off upcoming debut LP

Chicago hardcore band Snuffed have been at it for a few years, having dropped the Mind's Eye EP in 2018 and the "Skincrawler" / "Rats of Sympathy" single in 2019, and now they're gearing up to release their debut LP Coping Human Waste this Friday (5/27) via Another City Records (pre-order). The album was recorded by Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way, Jesus Piece, etc), and it includes their recent single "Pesticide," as well as "If You Resent," which premieres in this post. (It also includes "Circle of Dust," which the band also has a non-album version of with guest vocals by Integrity's Dwid Hellion.)

Speaking about "If You Resent," guitarist Aaron said, "Near the end of writing the LP, we knew we absolutely needed to have a 1-minute ripper in the mix. The instrumental came together super organically in maybe 15 minutes, and from there we just kept playing it faster and faster. Then Karly came in with perfect vocal delivery from the get go."

It is indeed a minute-long, no-nonsense, fast-and-furious ripper, and Karly's pissed-off delivery fits it perfectly. Karly adds, "The lyrics were inspired by my frustration with people that I don't even know having a problem with me. I seem to attract weird interactions from people who see me and have some sort of preconceived notion as to who I am. I'm a pretty nice person to most people, so it sucks when that happens. The context of it all is, I never asked to be born, and the negative attention is, at times, exhausting, so if you have some sort of issue with my existence, do us both a favor, 'if you resent me then end me, or shut the fuck up.'"

Talking about the album as a whole, Another City Records owner Shawn Hopman says, "Another City is my second iteration of a record label [following Spook City Records in the 2000s]. I've done releases for Slapshot, Integrity, Death Before Dishonor, Wisdom in Chains, and more. I've never been so excited to release an album into the world as I am for this Snuffed record. It's rare to capture the raw emotion exuded during a live show and Snuffed has been able to do that so beautifully with this record."

Listen to the new song and watch a recent Hate5six-filmed live set below...