Stream Nova Gholar’s Spectacular Song “WNDR”

Nova Gholar’s “WNDR” is a spectacular song to listen to. The California-based artist boasts impressive vocals alongside a talented performance. The music video, which already has over 70K views on YouTube, shows the artist in his medium - rapping and dancing away in fascinating settings that change from a room in a house to ritualistic sight.  

Nova Gholar has been writing and freestyling since the youngest of ages and continued throughout college. With the release of his mixtape Innovation, with fan favorites like “Eat It” and “Mizz Twerk Sum”, Nova became the topic of discussion around Illinois campuses. After touring the Illinois college circuit Nova decided to change his educational path. He retired from college and found a new form of study in music.

His popular releases include hits like the 2018 album The Preacher’s Kid, 2020 singles “Remind Me”, “Hollywood dreamin”, and more. This year Nova Gholar is on fire releasing song after song - “Confidence”, “WNDR”, and a full EP to be out soon

Nova Gholar is on: Facebook - YouTube - Spotify - Soundcloud