Sunny Day Real Estate wrapped up NYC run at Brooklyn Steel (night 2 pics, video, setlist)

After playing their first NYC show in 13 years on Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate returned to Brooklyn Steel on Friday (9/30) for a second round. Just like on night one, they sounded as fantastic; here's an excerpt from our night one review:

The band -- an expanded five-piece with original members Jeremy Enigk, Dan Hoerner on guitar, and William Goldsmith on drums, alongside live bassist Chris Jordan and third guitarist/backing vocalist Jason Narducy (of Bob Mould's band, Superchunk, Split Single, etc) -- was as tight as you could ask for. The "Midwest emo" sound -- which Sunny Day Real Estate, despite being from Seattle, are widely considered progenitors of -- is often raw and scrappy, but Sunny Day were refined and full of finesse. The three-guitar setup allowed them to layer their sound and really fill the room with a triumphant, swelling atmosphere. And Jeremy's voice soared over all of it, just the way it does on Sunny Day's classic records.

For their night two setlist, Sunny Day Real Estate stuck pretty close to what they'd played the previous night, beginning with "Pillars," "One," and "48," but night two also got "Song About an Angel" (in place of "Red Elephant" on night one) and "The Ocean" (in place of "Killed by an Angel"). Both nights got the same three-song encore of "The Rising Tide," "In Circles," and "Days Were Golden." See the full setlist, along with pictures from night two (including openers The Appleseed Cast) and attendee-taken videos, below.

Song About an Angel
How It Feels to Be Something On
Every Shining Time You Arrive
Lipton Witch
Roses in Water
Guitar and Video Games
The Ocean

The Rising Tide
In Circles
Days Were Golden