Suspected Banksy mural appears on London building

She wrote on X: “By far the most exciting thing to happen on today’s canvass session on Hornsey Road was seeing that Banksy had come to Tollington over night. Lots of local interest – I’m a fan of it.”

One local resident also praised the mural, adding: “Proud new caretakers of an apparent new #Banksy piece in Finsbury Park… Woke up this morning to it on the side of flat. You can just about see us smiling proudly on our balcony.”

Elsewhere, Haringey Tree Protectors used the mural to criticise Haringey Council for allegedly “not taking meaningful action to protect mature trees, when our streets are filled with the sound of chainsaws & our trees are battered each summer by events.”


Last year, Banksy unveiled a new anti-war artwork in Peckham, South London, featuring a ‘STOP’ traffic sign emblazoned with war aircraft which later resulted in two men being arrested over the apparent theft of the artwork.

Banksy also created seven new murals in various locations across Ukraine, which had been badly impacted by the Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the elusive artist could be forced to reveal his real name if a legal tussle over the authenticity of one of his prints winds up in court.

Two art collectors are taking legal action against the secretive artist’s company Pest Control, saying that the organisation has refused to confirm the authenticity of the piece Monkey Queen, in which a jewelled primate wears a royal crown against a red, white and blue backdrop.

Nicky Katz and Ray Howse claim that they have pursued Pest Control for three years to secure the official confirmation that the piece was made by Banksy, without which its value would be substantially undermined.

If the dispute were to make it to court, the artist could be forced to disclose his real identity.