Szarr Revitalizes His Aspirations In Latest Release “Reaching for the Sun”

Picture of Szarr "Reaching for the Sun"

In a remarkable display of creativity, Szarr, the talented singer-songwriter from Switzerland, introduces his newest single “Reaching for the Sun.” Building upon the success of his previous releases such as “coldest nights,” “Tócame,” “Love Is Raw,” and “Collide,” this song delves into the daily struggles faced by corporate professionals, ensnared in dreary jobs. 

Szarr’s revelation, sparked by the realization of life's fleeting nature and immeasurable value, permeates throughout this uplifting melody, compelling listeners to pursue their passions and engage in activities that ignite a profound sense of vitality and joy.

Weaving together electronic synths and exotic Middle Eastern instruments in a captivating blend, Szarr creates a musical composition that highlights the ludicrousness of trading away one's very being for material riches. 

“We trade life for paper/ just to live it out later/ into the wild we are running/ into the nature we are free/ I don't know how we end up here/ do we wait until we disappear?/ Don't know how we ended up here/ chasing things that will just disappear/ Let's reclaim our power/ Cuz' time is a treasure,” sings the artist echoing the central theme of the track.

Accompanied by a captivating music video helmed by the skilled videographer and director Omri Klein, "Reaching for the Sun" offers a visual feast that tells a compelling narrative of a man trapped in the confines of an office, drained by the monotony of his job and yearning for liberation. As the realization dawns upon him that life is transient, Szarr’s longing to break free intensifies, as he embraces the solace of nature and revels in the sheer exhilaration of existence.

Watch the official music video here:

Listen to “Reaching for the Sun” below: