Teacher and High School Debate Team Kidnapped in This Week’s Episode of ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

FBI: Most Wanted's fifth season has already proven to be intense, and this week's episode is no exception. Airing this Tuesday, Mar. 19, Season 5, Episode 5, "Desperate," will see a high school debate team and their English teacher getting kidnapped in rural Pennsylvania. The Fugitive Task Force "rushes to the scenes to find out who took them and what they wanted before it's too late. Also, Remy helps Corey out of a bind."

It sounds like the task force will have their hands full with this one. Not only do they have to rush to find them, but they will also very likely be dealing with some very upset and worried parents as well as the school. It will surely be an action-packed episode that will hopefully have a happy ending. With these types of storylines, you never know how it's going to play out.

Meanwhile, it also sounds like Remy will be having his hands full with his estranged nephew, Corey. Played by J.D. Martin, Corey first met his uncle in the Season 4 finale after Remy finally caught his brother's killer. Then, in the Season 5 premiere, Remy continued to struggle with the aftermath of catching his brother's killer and being an uncle to his nephew he really doesn't know. Remy helping Corey will hopefully bring them closer together, but that will probably depend on what this bind is.

While it isn't included in the logline, it's very likely the episode will touch on the aftermath of Episode 4, with Barnes' relationship shocker. Throughout the episode, Barnes and her wife Charlotte had some tension that had to do with Barnes rarely being home and always leaving with a moment's notice. In the final seconds of the episode, Charlotte admitted she met someone. Whatever happens, Tuesday's episode of FBI; Most Wanted will be an episode you won't want to miss a single second of.

Fingers crossed that the high school debate team and their teacher are all found safely, and Remy is able to help Corey with whatever he needs help with. As always, FBI Tuesday is going to be an action-packed night with three full hours of the Dick Wolf franchise, and it will surely be entertaining to see what happens. The new episode of FBI: Most Wanted premieres this Tuesday, Mar. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS' spring 2024 schedule.