Teleman prep new album ‘Good Time​/​Hard Time’, share “Short Life”

UK group Teleman have announced their fourth album, Good Time​/​Hard Time, which will be out April 7, 2023 via Moshi Moshi. This is their first album in four years, and first as a trio. “You’ve got to experience the hard times to appreciate the good times in life,” frontman Thomas Sanders says of the album. “Most of the songs are about universal things everyone can relate to, the small and simple details about difficult connections and overcoming them.”

The first single from the album is its opening song, "Short Life," which is danceable and very catchy. The video for it was directed by Thomas's brother and former Teleman / Pete & The Pirates keyboardist Jonny Sanders, who left the group in 2020. Watch that below.

attachment-teleman good time hard time

Good Time/Hard Time
1. Short Life
2. Trees Grow High
3. Wonderful Times
4. Easy Now I've Got You
5. Cherish
6. Hello Everybody
7. I Can Do It For You
8. The Juice
9. The Girls Who Came To Stay
10. Good Time/Hard Time