Temps (James Acaster) shares new single ft. NNAMDÏ, Quelle Chris, Xenia Rubinos & Shamir

British comedian James Acaster has a new musical project, Temps, described as a "40-strong international music collective." He's shared the first single, "no,no," which features contributions by NNAMDÏ, Xenia Rubinos, Quelle Chris, Shamir, and Seb Rochford, with James helming percussion and production. It shines with a kaleidoscopic art-pop sound, drawing on electronic, jazz, and alt-rock influences. “I became completely obsessed with this project," James says. "It was all I focused on for two years and we ended up making my favorite thing ever. I hope people enjoy it."

"no,no" is accompanied by a music video featuring James dressed as a Party Gator on a grey day. Check it out below.