‘The Amazing Digital Circus’ Episode 3: When Is It Coming Out?

The near six-month-long wait for The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 came to an end earlier this month when Pomni, Caine, and the rest of the animated characters returned Glitch Production's YouTube channel on May 3. As the Gooseworx-created show's second episode, "Candy Carrier Chaos," continues to rack up tens of millions of views, fans are already asking one important question: when will The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 3 premiere?

Unfortunately, there isn't much news to share at the moment. Less than a week out from the episode 2 premiere, a date for Episode 3 has not yet been revealed by Glitch. Based on the release schedule of Glitch's other productions, such as Murder Drones, there is typically several months between the release of new episodes from the independent computer animation studio. This means that TADC fans probably shouldn't expect a new episode until at least early summer, if not later.

Created by the animator and composer Gooseworx and produced by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul of the Australia-based animation studio Glitch Productions, The Amazing Digital Circus centers around Pomni, who becomes stuck in a circus-themed virtual world with five other strangers, all unable to recall their names and details of their pasts. The group finds themselves at the mercy of an artificial intelligence (A.I.) that takes the form of an eccentric "ringmaster" named Caine.

The voice cast features Lizzie Freeman (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Genshin Impact) as Pomni, Alex Rochon as Caine, Michael Kovach (Angeldust in Hazbin Hotel) as Jax, and Sean Chiplock (Revali in Zelda Breath of the Wild) as Kinger. Amanda Hufford, Marissa Lenti, Ashley Nichols, and Elsie Lovelock also voice characters.

The series debuted on the Glitch YouTube channel on Oct. 13, causing plenty of noise when it racked up more than 10 million views within the first week, and surpassing 100 million views within the first month of its premiere. That debut episode currently holds more than 315 million views. Despite the long wait between episode, The Amazing Digital Circus doesn't seem to have lost many fans. Episode 2 reached 30 million views within the first 24 hours, and currently sits at more than 52 million views. Reacting to those large numbers, Glitch wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "50 million views in 4 days. Thank you all so much. It's truly incredible what independent animation can achieve. And its all thanks to you and the incredible artists & staff that make this all possible you all deserve everything."

The first two episodes of The Amazing Digital Circus are available to stream for free on Glitch's YouTube channel here. Episode 3 does not have a premiere date.