‘The Challenge’: Averey Opens up About Relationship With ‘All Stars’ Co-Star Adam

It's been nine years since Averey Tressler last appeared on a season of The Challenge. Upon her return to the game for The Challenge: All Stars, she immediately secured a star, which earned her a ticket to the final. Since she did nab a star so early, it was later stolen, which led her to strategize how she could earn one back. While she had a chance to get a star in the final challenge of the season, she ended up being purged in the same competition and sent home. Now that her time on The Challenge: All Stars is over, Averey spoke with PopCulture.com all about the journey to getting a star and her subsequent, post-season romantic journey with co-star Adam Larson.

Averey doesn't have regrets about how she approached the race to get a star. As she explained, she was able to get a star in the very first challenge of the season. So, she wasn't too concerned about her ability to get one later on down the road. She also pointed out that even if she had taken someone's place during the elimination with Kam Williams and Tina Bridges, she would had a "whole house against" her. 

"The majority wanted that to happen," Averey said. "That's why they chose me to win [the daily challenge]. I didn't get a choice in winning. They took me out of that. A lot of people don't know that. But if I would've gone down there, I would've had so many people pissed." The Real World alum went on to say that the cast had an idea that there would be another chance to get a star before the final after some hints on the production side of things. 

(Photo: Jonne Roriz/Paramount+)

"For some reason, we knew there was another star out there. We were paying attention. The writing was on the wall, so to speak," she explained. "There [were] six stars, and they would put them up three and three, and you're like, 'Okay.' On the shopping cart challenge, there [were] four stars ... There [were] four stars on top and four stars on the bottom, making it eight total. So they increased the stars." Even though they provided another chance to get a star, Averey ended up getting purged. She may not have won this season, but she did walk away from the season a winner all the same. 

After filming wrapped, Averey sparked up a relationship with co-star Adam. They kept in touch after the season and their relationship naturally "progressed." As Averey explained, she has Adam's daughter to thank for letting it slip that her dad had a "crush" on her. She said, "That's how I found out. I'm like, 'Really?' But obviously, I knew at this point, but it was like the clarification. 'My dad has a crush on you.' I'm like, 'He does?'" 

She said that their relationship then progressed even further, and she later moved to South Carolina, where Adam resides so that they could really give things a go. Now, they're coming up on their first anniversary together and they have The Challenge: All Stars to thank for that. "I just moved into his place. So we're just seeing how it works ... but it's working. It's working pretty well."