‘The GOAT’: CJ Shares Where She Stands With Cast After Starting a ‘Minor Dumpster Fire’ With Exit

When FBoy Island alum CJ Franco arrived on The GOAT, she was expecting to simply "have fun" and play "some games." But, she was soon thrust into a world of strategy and backstabbing on the Amazon Freevee series. Despite having to find her footing in a competitive environment, CJ nearly made it to the finale, but her time was cut short after she reached the final 6. Recently, PopCulture.com got to chat with CJ, and she opened up about the fireworks she created with her electrifying exit from the game. 

CJ had one of the more dynamic runs on the show, as viewers saw her development as a strategic player. When she did exit, she let everyone know exactly what she thought about the game and how Big Brother alum Da'Vonne was tackling it. As for the reason why she made those statements, CJ explained that she "just really wanted to see people play the game."

"I had no expectations going in," she said. "It just seemed like a lot of people were operating out of fear. When I was leaving, I was like, 'Hey, look, is this what you want to do? This is your future. Is anyone going to acknowledge this?' I was so late to figure out that there was all these undercurrents ... I like to be direct, I'm a direct lady, I don't beat around the bush, but I wasn't trying to do anything except for start a minor dumpster fire and let them deal with that mess."


(L to R) Jill Zarin, Da'Vonne Rogers, Paola Mayfield, and CJ Franco compete on "The GOAT." Credit: Prime Video

- The GOAT/Amazon Freevee)

Even though CJ admitted she was "late" to figuring out what was going on in the house, she still made some major moves during her time on The GOAT. Her biggest move came when she went against the girls' alliance to vote out Lauren Speed-Hamilton. She explained the reasoning behind that move, noting that she had her mind made up before she pulled the trigger. 

"I was pretty ready to go to the guy's room just because the girls were not having a good time anymore. It just was so much negativity. I was more into chilling and going on nature walks and just enjoying myself," CJ explained. "I just needed a more calm atmosphere and the guys were able to do that. But once I went up there, I didn't really have a big interest in coming back [to the girls' alliance] down to the tension that was there because it just built each episode." 

Considering that she turned against the girls earlier in the game, CJ felt that there was "no way" that she was going to save herself from being voted out. Still, she has no hard feelings about her time in the game. In fact, she said that she's not walking away with bad blood for anyone, saying, "I'm good with everyone. Absolutely everyone, I hung out with them when they're in town. Everybody. It's a dumb show called The GOAT. Stop it. There cannot be lifelong feuding over this."