The Holophonics announce new LP ‘LAVOS,’ share “Weirdo with a Capital Oh?!”

Dallas and Brooklyn-based ska-punks The Holophonics have announced a new album, LAVOS, due December 16 via Bad Time Records, marking their first release for the label (pre-order). "LAVOS is an album about the anxiety, fear, and shame of working through trauma," vocalist Eric Daino says. "The lyrics deal with the visceral symptoms of surviving - both physical and mental - and came out quickly in large, unfiltered swaths that speak to a constant sense of pressing urgency. The music, however, takes a far more meticulous and detailed tack. Obsessively pored over and checked and rechecked hundreds of times - every melody, chord, and rhythm reflect the intense scrutinization to which I would subject myself before being ready to share my experiences."

The first taste of this very personal album is "Weirdo with a Capital Oh?!," which starts out as a ska-infused dose of speedy, sugary, circle-pit-inducing skate punk before flirting with bits of prog and reggae later on. It's fun and snotty on the surface, but the serious subject matter of "Weirdo with a Capital Oh?!" packs an even harder punch. Listen and check out the Joel Herrera-directed video below.


2. Red Gate
3. Weirdo with a Capital Oh?!
4. Dead But Still Fresh
5. The Enchiridion
6. Zero Balance
7. [New Game+]
8. Silent Protagonist
9. The End of Time
10. Infinite Timelines Dub
11. Atlas Emergence
12. Luminaire
13. Dream Devoured

The Holophonics -- 2022 Tour Dates
12/2 - Oklahoma City, OK - Blue Note Lounge
12/3 - Denver, CO - Globe Hall
12/9 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
12/10 - Austin, TX - Kick Butt Coffee
12/16 - Tulsa, OK - Whittier Bar
12/17 - Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge
12/18 - St. Louis, MO - The Sinkhole