“The One” Singer-Songwriter J Aktive Aspires To Be Timeless

Beat-boxer and Hip Hop artist J Aktive released a new music video for “The One,” following his standout album Bad Luv. The full-hearted musician strives to create a distinct sound that could only be attributed to him, “My goal is for people to be like “that sounds like a J AKTIVE type song,” I would like to consider my music to be timeless not trendy.”

J Aktive aims at creating a household name for himself. The LA-based producer wants to be known for bringing a new sound to the music industry. He’s taken solid steps toward that goal with his 8-track LP Bad Luv, which includes “Cell Phone,” “Feel With it,” “Fall Back,” “Missed Calls,” “All I Want,” and “Pist Off.” The latter song has gone viral across multiple platforms and been acklowdeged by famous figures like Mario Lopez, Deion Sanders, and Janet Jackson.

With these dreamy new visuals, J Aktive lays the cornerstone of a promising career. “The One,” which was inspired by the musician’s past relationship, takes him closer to his dreams. In addition to establishing himself as a renowned artist, he would also like to be remembered for his epic shows. The hip-hopper wishes to travel to Asia and Africa to promote his art and fantasizes about the day he will get to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

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