Thom Yorke on Liz Truss’ exit: “Bring Down This UK Government”

British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who only assumed office on September 6, resigned this morning following a wild, disastrous six-week run that has been full of controversy, most recently with her newly appointed finance minister reversing nearly all of her signature tax cuts. It's the shortest time any British Prime Minister has ever been in office.

Among the many who have taken to Twitter to talk about Liz's exit is Thom Yorke whose feed is almost exclusively political in nature and very critical of his country's government. He quoted his lyrics from OK Computer classic "No Surprises," writing, "bring down this UK government, they do not speak for us, right the fuck now .. they have no authority, no mandate, no clue, cats in a bag tearing themselves to pieces while the country suffers in extreme distress. enough of this shit. shame on them. #GeneralElection2022"

Meanwhile, Thom will be in North America with The Smile starting in November, including two nights at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre on 11/18 and 11/19 and Hammerstein Ballroon on 11/20.