"Tiger King" Secured Gargantuan Ratings In First 10 Days

You've likely guessed as much by now, but Netflix's "Tiger King" drew in some truly impressive numbers in its first ten-day run.

At this point, you've likely fallen into one of two camps: those who have hungrily devoured any and all things Tiger King and those who have sworn to never, at least not willingly, set sights on the wild misadventures of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskins, or anything else the breakout series has to offer. And despite what's surely a passionate stance from the latter camp, it would appear they have been vastly outnumbered for the time being. As of today, Variety has shared the first ten-days of Tiger King ratings, revealing a grand total of 34.3 million viewers.

"Tiger King" Secured Gargantuan Ratings In First 10 Days

Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

The gargantuan sum solidifies the strangely captivating Tiger King as one of Netflix's most popular original shows, going so far as to surpass the second season of Stranger Things -- though falling just short of the third season, which currently holds the crown as Netflix's most-watched series to date. 

It's unclear just what drew so many walks of life to the saga, though it's entirely possible that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic played a contributing factor. Not to mention the rampantly-spreading word-of-mouth buzz, which quickly propelled Tiger King to become a sort of digital-age watercooler show. Either way, it seems as if the aforementioned Exotic and Baskins are well on their way to pop culture immortalization, for better or worse. 

Where do you stand on Tiger King? Were you one of the 34.3 million to tune in, or are you deliberately avoiding this one?