‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Jay Ellis Teases Big Announcement

Jay Ellis is working on a new project. The Top Gun: Maverick star took to Instagram to tease that he's written a book about growing up in the '90s, asking his followers, "what would the title be?"  He shared "2.27.24," possibly teasing a title reveal. This would mark Ellis' very first book, and it already sounds like an enticing idea.

Even though Ellis seemed to be excited to share the title and tease his followers, details about the book have already been released, per his publisher, Penguin Random House. Did Everyone Have an Imaginary Friend (or Just Me)? is set to release on July 9. According to the description, Ellis "tells the story of growing up with an imaginary best friend you will never forget-part Dwayne Wayne from A Different World, part Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-in this hilarious, vulnerable memoir."

"What to do when you're the perpetual new kid, only child, and military brat hustling school to school each year and everyone's looking to you for answers? Make some shit up, of course! And a young Jay Ellis does just that, with help from his imaginary friend, Mikey," the description reads. "A testament to the importance of invention, trusting oneself, and making space for creativity, Did Everyone Have an Imaginary Friend (or Just Me)? is a memoir of a kid who confided in his imaginary sidekick to navigate parallel pop culture universes (like watching Fresh Prince alongside John Hughes movies or listening to Ja Rule and Dave Matthews) to a lifetime of birthday disappointment (being a Christmas-season Capricorn will do that to you) and hoop dreams gone bad. Mikey also guides Ellis through tragedies, like losing his teenage cousin in a mistaken-target drive-by and the shame and fear of being pulled over by cops almost a dozen times the year he got his driver's license."

Even though details for the book have been released, Jay Ellis will more than likely properly announce it on Feb. 27. It's going to be exciting when Did Everyone Have an Imaginary Friend (or Just Me)? is officially announced. While July is still somewhat far away, getting a release date means that it's going to be here before you know it. The book is available for preorder on multiple online stores, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.