Tory Kittles Had Memorable ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Role Before ‘The Equalizer’

Before Tory Kittles was NYPD Detective Marcus Dante on The Equalizer, he was One-Niners street gang leader Laroy Wayne on Sons of Anarchy. Kittles was first introduced on the FX crime drama in the pilot episode in 2008. He has many connections in the streets, making his gang a powerful one. Thanks to Laroy, the Niners built up an ally with the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle Club and often bought weapons from them.

While all seems peachy between the Niners and SAMCRO, things are still rough, and it doesn't help when Laroy starts working with the Sonora Cartel, and after leaving, he's attacked for his betrayal. When Tig seeks revenge, he accidentally kills Laroy's girlfriend instead. Laroy is later killed when his body ends up in Damon Pope's fire pit. While Kittles only appeared in a total of 11 episodes throughout the first five seasons, Laroy was still as memorable as ever.

Kittles no longer plays a gang member but instead the complete opposite. On CBS' The Equalizer reboot, Marcus Dante is a divorced single father of two sons. While he's reluctant to work with Queen Latifah's Robyn McCall and have her help him, the two find common ground and become allies and friends by the second season. Since then, he's joined the team on cases, working with them while balancing being a father of two. Even though he's no gang member, it's still been exciting seeing what Detective Dante brings to the table every episode. He still manages to keep fans on the edge of their seats from time to time.

Now, with The Equalizer finally back for Season 4, fans will be able to see much more of Marcus Dante and what he is capable of. It would be entertaining to see him having to deal with a biker gang that reminds him of one he used to know years ago. Of course, the two shows are not in the same universe, but that reference would be pretty great.

At the very least, hopefully, there can be a Sons of Anarchy reunion on The Equalizer. Though maybe it would be better if it was with someone who didn't try to kill Laroy, but either way, with the end of Sons of Anarchy, fans are probably itching for more, no matter where they get it. You never know what could happen on The Equalizer, so people will just have to tune in on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS' 2024 spring schedule.