U.S. Girls sample Glenn Gould on new single “Some Kinda High”

U.S. Girls are back with a new single "Some Kinda High," that is based around a sample of Canadian pianist and composer Glenn Gould, who died in 1982. The song is part of an album titled Uninvited Guests created by producer Billy Wild that combines Gould performances with contemporary artists. "This started 7 years ago as a challenge on whether or not Glenn Gould could be made to sound current," says Wild. "The main thing I learned on Gould is that he truly belonged in this generation."

Meg wrote the song based on several Gould melodies, and then producer Gabriel Pick created a beat from Gould samples around her vocal performance. Says Meg Remy of Gould, "I like to imagine Gould and I as two freaks on the same leash. Trying to be invisible trying to be seen." You can listen to "Some Kind of High" below.

Uninvited Guests also features collaborations with Gabriel Pick, Your Hunni, AARYS, Ro Joaquim, Chief Awuah, Kiki Rowe and more. You can listen to the whole album below as well.

U.S. Girls most recent album is 2020's Heavy Light.