Vibe With Eflorem’s New Single “With You”

A vibrant representation of love as a whole, “With You” is a new single created by the talented duo Eflorem. Always pushing the boundaries of the impossible, Eflorem is out conquering the world of dance music through authenticity, creativity, and dedication. The music video that accompanies “With You” is a conceptual futuristic paradise shot and edited by That's Heems Productions. 

Eflorem began with creating old-school dubstep but has continued to experiment with different sounds throughout the years. They now produce Speed House and name it Hyper House after putting their touch on the genre. They frequently combine elements from several subgenres such as dubstep, hyper pop, psytrance, and drum & bass to create a distinct and wild vibe in their music. Eflorem had dropped their EP Breathe Fire last year and are now working on a concept album that is much anticipated by their fans!

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