Watch FL hardcore band WISH’s “Spite” video from split with Tear Drop (ex-Bitter End)

Tallahassee, FL hardcore band WISH are gearing up to follow their 2021 debut EP Adapt Or Die with a new split with San Antonio's Tear Drop (ex-Bitter End), due this winter on WAR Records and Static Era Records. We're premiering their contribution "Spite," which band member Kenny Anderson says "is about the journey of finally being able to see your abuser for what they are and taking comfort in their inevitable destruction under the weight of their own unresolved issues." He also adds that the song pulls influence from "bands like Trapped Under Ice, Shackled, Living in Fear, Rhythm of Fear, Hangman, Blind Justice, Regulate, Incendiary, Turnstile, Age of Apocalypse, Drain, Sunami. I pull SOMETHING from every band I listen to."

About the video, Tyler Denslow says, "From the beginning I knew I wanted to direct the video. I kinda had an idea of the storyline I wanted and knew that if I got my friend Drew Strickland (SILK) to film, we could execute it. I had access to a huge run down warehouse and I knew I wanted to do something in there. The video for 'Spite' is the first part of a two part video for the split coming out with Tear Drop and I really wanted to have two videos that had a cohesive theme. I’m super drawn to the idea of programming the brain and just brainwashing in general. I think that over time, humans can feel trapped in a 'system' or 'program' in which they are just passive in. With extreme levels of marketing and corruption within government entities it’s hard sometimes to ignore the fact you are surrounded by brainwashing. 'Spite' displays this in a kind of satirical thrasher way. The actors consist of local artists BACHI, KYNGJAY and Al Pedersen. Filmed by Drew Strickland and extra camera work by Chris Shipe."

And as for releasing a split with Tear Drop, Tyler adds, "Since we were all huge Bitter End fans it was a no brainer. Their side of the split has a little heavier/darker vibes. Has a little Merauder flair with some Texas thrown in it. Honestly I would suggest skipping our side and just listening to theirs, definitely excited for kids to hear that."