Watch Kneecap perform Grian Chatten collab ‘Better Way To Live’ and talk controversy on Ireland’s ‘Late Late Show’

Kneecap have performed their collaborative song with Fontaines DC’s Grian Chatten, ‘Better Way To Live’, live on Ireland’s Late Late Show yesterday (February 23) – check out the moment below.

Speaking about the song upon its release last November, Kneecap explained that the song “is all about finding that little spark of joy in the monotony, in the day-to-day things that you barely bat an eye at.

“In between the moments of that repetitive lift of the pint, or spark of a cigarette, there is an opportunity for bliss. underneath that constant noise, there is a silence that can breathe new life and inspiration breaking through the mundane.”


As well as the performance, the band, made up of Mo Chara, Moglai Bap and DJ Próvaí, spoke to host of the show, Patrick Kielty, about their upcoming biopic and political views.

The band wore pro-Palestinian badges on the show and told host Kielty: “That’s why we’re here — to highlight the genocide that’s happening in Palestine at the moment.” DJ Próvaí also took his jacket off to show Kielty and the audience he was wearing a Palestine national football shirt.

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Kielty said: “Our thoughts are with everybody in that conflict. Some horrific stuff is happening there. I also have to say, I’m also obliged to say that in the politics there’s some people that might not agree what you’ve done.”

Kneecap’s Moglai Bap then replied: “A hundred percent, but that’s why we’re here to use our platform to highlight the genocide that’s happening in Palestine at the moment.

“30,000 Palestinians have been murdered by American weapons and mostly – two thirds of them were women and children.

“I think we just have to use this platform as an opportunity to appeal to Irish people to attend rallies and protests and to support the BDS movement, and to show solidarity to Palestine and hopefully one day Palestine will be free.”

Television station RTÉ later issued a statement, saying that they asked the band not to wear the badges – something they said the band agreed to – only for them to later wear them anyway despite the request.

The band subsequently posted a news report citing the statement and wrote “accurate news report” next to a Palestinian flag, seemingly confirming this did happen.

Elsewhere, IDLES recently spoke out in solidarity with Palestine at their ‘Tangk’ launch show in Brixton and Enter Shikari also made a speech earlier this month (February 17) expressing solidarity with Palestine at their huge Wembley Arena gig.

An upcoming ‘House Not Hate’ march is also planned to take place in London next month, with donations at the event collected in support of Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP).

At the time of writing, the current death toll of Palestinians in Gaza stands at 29,600, with around 1,410 Israeilis killed and around 100 Israeli hostages still remaining in Hamas captivity after the October 7 attacks.