Watch Metallica team up with Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler to cover ‘Am I Evil?’ in Oslo

Metallica have teamed up with Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler for a live performance of ‘Am I Evil?’ in Oslo.

The performance of Diamond Head’s 1980 hit occurred last night (June 26th) during Metallica’s headlining set at the Tons of Rock fest in Oslo, Norway. The legendary metal band previously released a cover of the song in 1984 and served as the B-side to their single ‘Creeping Death’.

“Say ‘Hi’ to Brian, Oslo!” announced Metallica frontman James Hetfield introducing the Diamond Head lead guitarist. Hetfield then went on to declare it was “Flying V time,” referring to Tatler’s guitar of choice.

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The performance of ‘Am I Evil?’ in Oslo marked the first time the band have played the song live during their current M72 Tour.

Diamond Head’s influence on the legendary band can be heard on their early works, especially their 1983 debut ‘Kill ‘Em All’. Subsequent pressings of the album would go on to feature their cover of ‘Am I Evil?’ as a bonus track.


Their cover of the track has helped the song Diamond Head’s most popular and recognizable tune. Due to this,  Tatler has previously called the song the musical achievement he is “most proud of.”

Speaking to XS Rock (transcribed by Blabbermouth), Tatler said: “I suppose musically ‘Am I Evil?’, ’cause it’s such a big song and it’s just got a life of its own. So a song that was written in my bedroom in 1979 that’s gone around the world and is on millions of records and things like that.”

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In other news, it was reported today (June 27) that Metallica’s social media accounts were apparently been hacked by crypto scammers.


Fans spotted the band tweeting about a Solana-based cryptocurrency under the ticker ‘METAL’ yesterday (June 26).

Though the posts have now been deleted, screenshots (via Cointelegraph) show the tweets reading as follows: “Get ready for the takeover. Tap into $METAL, a dynamic new token on the Solana blockchain poised to revolutionize how you experience events and shop online. In collaboration with @Ticketmaster.”