Watch Nine Inch Nails reunite with ’90s-era members and do Filter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot”

Nine Inch Nails played their special hometown-area show at Blossom Music Center last night (9/24) with Ministry and Nitzer Ebb, following a Q&A at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that featured the current band alongside former '90s-era members Richard Patrick, Chris Vrenna, Danny Lohner and Charlie Clouse. Those same four former members then joined NIN for the final six songs of their set, including a bunch of classics from NIN's early days ("Eraser," "Wish," "Sin," "Gave Up," and "Head Like A Hole"), and a rendition of "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Richard Patrick's post-NIN band Filter, with Richard singing, which NIN had never done live before. Watch videos of "Hey Man Nice Shot" and other songs from that portion of NIN's set, as well as video of the entire Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Q&A, and check out NIN's full setlist, below.

We also just caught Nine Inch Nails at Riot Fest last weekend, and you can check out our pics & review.

Nine Inch Nails @ Blossom Music Center - 9/24/22 Setlist (via)
Somewhat Damaged
March of the Pigs
Less Than
The Lovers
Copy of A
Shit Mirror
God Break Down the Door
The Perfect Drug
The Big Come Down
The Hand That Feeds
The Frail

with Richard Patrick, Chris Vrenna, Danny Lohner and Charlie Clouse:
Gave Up
Hey Man Nice Shot (Filter song, Richard Patrick on lead vocals, live debut by NIN)
Head Like a Hole