Watch Toyah & Robert Fripp cover Chesney Hawkes’ “The One and Only” with Chesney Hawkes

Robert Fripp is currently in North America on his "That Awful Man and His Manager" Q&A tour (it hit NYC on Friday) but he and Toyah are keeping the Sunday Lunch series going, sort of, with what they've calling Interludes. The first of those has them covering Chesney Hawkes' 1991 hit "The One and Only" and they've invited the one and only Chesney Hawkes to their kitchen to help them do it. Robert's in lederhosen and Toyah's in a maid's uniform and wielding a bat. Just another day in the Fripp/Wilcox home. Watch that and reacquaint yourself with the original below.

Meanwhile, Robert is filing reports from the road and the most recent is from Boston where we get a little backstage fun, and a guitar lesson, from City Winery in Boston. You can watch that below.

If you're curious about what these Q&A shows are like, it's almost entirely Fripp and his manager, David Singleton, answering fan questions. You can watch a segments of that from the Montreal and Toronto events below as well.

Robert also recently spoke to the New York Times's Jon Parales about the tour, and the Sunday Lunch series which was shown the world a different side of the King Crimson leader and his wife:

During the pandemic you became very active on social media. Did YouTube change your life?

Yes, very much indeed. The main change in my life, following lockdown, is I got to spend time with my wife for the first time in 34 years of marriage up to that point. And I loved it. I have a wonderful, dear wife, but I kept leaving her. For me, lockdown was an opportunity to address some subjects of interest to me, including catching up on my academic reading in music. But there is my dear wife thinking, “This old character is losing it — I’ve got to get him going.” So then out came the tutu and “Swan Lake,” which was something of a turning point in my life.


Is that going to change you when you go back to performing concerts?

I don’t think I can look back. I think the future has now shot off on an entirely different trajectory. A personal interest for me is kicking received opinion. Because if you were only seen in a certain way, there is a richness in life which is somehow closed to you.

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