Watch XG’s Chisa, Juria and Hinata cover FLO’s ‘Losing You’

Chisa, Juria and Hinata of girl group XG have dropped a soulful cover of FLO‘s 2022 single, ‘Losing You’.

XG’s rendition of FLO’s ‘Losing You’, performed by the band’s vocalists Chisa, Juria and Hinata, stays largely faithful to the original song’s instrumentation. “Losing you was / Easier than I thought it’d be / I’m happy on my own / It’s the first time I finally feel at home,” they belt on the chorus.

The accompanying music video for their cover of ‘Losing You’ features the three singers performing the song with bejewelled standing mics in an otherwise dark studio. The song is the latest release in XG’s ‘XG VOX’ series of releases.

Other projects released under this series include their cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’. The girl group are also known for their rap-centric ‘XG TAPE’ series, the latest one being ‘Trampoline’ by members Maya, Harvey, Jurin and Cocona earlier this month.


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XG also recently dropped a single called ‘Undefeated’ in collaboration with video game Valorant. ‘Undefeated’ was described in a press release as a song with “a heavy bassline, minimalistic drum composition and dreamy synthesizers” with a message of “fearlessly seizing victory at all times”.

Meanwhile, XG are also gearing up for an official comeback later this month with the single ‘Woke Up’. According to a website for the new track, ‘Woke Up’ will be the girl group’s “first all-rap song” and will feature “a groundbreaking track with 808 bass infused with sounds unique to East Asia”.


The song is due out May 21, a couple of days after XG kick off their first-ever world tour called ‘The First Howl’ with two nights at the Osaka-Jo Hall in Osaka, Japan on May 18, before heading to cities across Asia, North America and Europe.