Wet Tropics (Boys Life, The Farewell Bend) launch new singles series with “Rat Shredder”18 Landmark Emo & Post-Hardcore Albums Turning 25 This Year

John Rejba of veteran Kansas City emo bands Boys Life and The Farewell Bend recently started a newer project, Wet Tropics, and they're launching a new series of singles with "Rat Shredder." Though John hails from the '90s Midwest emo scene, "Rat Shredder" is more of a garage punk ripper that's kinda like a cross between The Stooges and Hot Snakes. Check it out below.

The upcoming Wet Tropics singles will be released "in the classic 'O' card cassette style like the ones John collected in his youth," and later in 2022, they'll be released on vinyl as a collection. Stay tuned for that and pre-order the "Rat Shredder" tape from Friend Club Records.

Also, Wet Tropics' 2020 LP Everybody Get In is getting its first-ever vinyl pressing via Friend Club and that's available now too.


18 Landmark Emo & Post-Hardcore Albums Turning 25 This Year