Willow Teases She Has ‘A New Musical Compilation’ Coming Soon And Tells Fans To Keep An Eye Out


Willow might just have some new music on the way for fans. The youngest Smith child took to Twitter today, where she posted a teaser. “< e m p a t h o g e n >,” she wrote. “a new musical compilation by WILLOW coming soon… keep your third eyes peeled.”

This follows Willow’s previously released singles, including one from last December called “Alone,” which Rolling Stone pointed out as her first preview from a forthcoming sixth album. It’s unclear if this is the same project, but seems more than likely. She has since dropped “Symptom Of Life.”

“For Coping Mechanism I was almost never sober in the studio,” Willow told the outlet about the difference between her last record and the new one. “And for this new album, I was sober for every single recording session. I feel like my mind state was extremely different.”

“This next project is me taking my first step through that door,” she added. “The amount of gratitude I have and the amount of excitement that I have for really studying and absorbing parts of music that I didn’t even think were possible — it makes me feel connected to this amazing lineage of so many beautiful musicians that have come before me and that will come after me that are holding this torch of service, and gratitude, and dedication to the craft.”

Check out Willow’s new music teaser post below.