XFL Takes Drastic Measures Due To The Coronavirus

It looks like the XFL might not be as secure as everyone thought it would be.

When Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL, people were incredibly skeptical. Eventually, once the league started, fans came around and began to believe in what McMahon was selling. The first few weeks of the XFL were incredibly entertaining and the whole thing was a good time. Then came the Coronavirus. Once it became clear that the league needed to shut down, 

Well, it seems like the XFL could be done for good following the decision that was made today. According to Konnor Fulk, every single league employee was laid off today and the league has suspended all operations. The employees were alerted to this during a conference call and there was no word on whether the league would come back and the employees could get their jobs back.

This is disappointing news for a lot of people. Of course, the fans suffer, the players suffer, but more importantly, the employees who depended on the league for their income, will have to look elsewhere during a time where no one is hiring new workers.

The Coronavirus continues to be a sad reality for people around the world and hopefully, we can squad it soon so people can get back to their normal lives.